Best Home Construction and designing Company in Kathmandu, Nepal

Best Home Construction and designing Company in Kathmandu, Nepal

With an experience of more than three decades, KSM Services is a well-known name in luxurious residential construction having delivered multiple home construction projects in Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Budhanilkanta and Bhairahwa Known for giving personal touch to each of our project, KSM Services  works with high skilled and experienced designers and architects who specialize in creating world class interior and exterior decor with the highest quality material.

Why KSM Services

  • One Stop Shop For Complete Home Building Design, construction, interiors, neighbors management and approvals
  •  Large Professional Team Of Full Time Employees Not dependent upon a single person or owner
  •  In-house teams delivering quality projects on time
  •  We’ve Done It Before 50+ projects in Kathmandu Valley

Custom Designed 

  1. Homes Based On Your Taste And Likings Villa/ builder floor/ mix Simplex/ duplex/ mix
  2.  Varied Design Language Classical or contemporary or mix

                                                                      Flexible Solution

  •  If you want to supply some material yourself, you can do so
  •  If you want some work to be done by some other contractor, it can be done
  •  If you want to change a decision made earlier, it can be done.

You Have Better Control 

  • All Design Decisions Taken By You Choose how you want to execute add-ons and extras
  •  Clear Communication Regular meetings on site with Construction manager and project architect Schedule tracking and weekly updates to keep you in sync with on-site activities.
  •  Everything In Writing Written queries and replies
  • Clear Costs And Payment Plan Payments made as per pre-agreed milestones only Material check by client to ensure compliance with agreement


  1. Design And Execution Certificate Structure, plumbing, electrical
  2.  Compliance With IS Codes And Bye Laws Seismic zone 5 , sceptic tank, water tank
  3.  Regular Reviews By Subject/Technical Experts Work executed as per drawings issued by office
  4.  Most Of The Material Procured Centrally Purchased directly from the companies instead of distributors.

Transparent & Competitive Price

  • Flexible Based on your specifications and area
  •  Transparent Based on actual areas, catalogue selection and published prices
  • Based On Your Budget Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 9,000 per sqft*
  • Competitive Get a free comparison of our quote with another quote that you already have

Engagement Principles

  1. Mutual Respect We treat each other respectfully and that includes everybody starting from our labourers to the senior management
  2. Trust We give each other benefit of doubt and resolve issues in a cordial manner
  3. Transparent Communication All communication in writing to reduce ambiguity.
  4. Safety We avoid any activity that endangers our project team, clients or neighbors


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