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Simplicity At Its Best

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Simple Things Into Beautiful

As a Design-Build company, we understand that what’s inside matters. Just as wall systems and steel trusses support and shape the exterior, workspace solutions and integrated palettes define the interior and create an aesthetic, efficient working environment.

More On The Project

At the KSM Services, we’re a fully integrated Design-Builder. It’s the only delivery method that provides owners with a single point of contact for both the design and installation and/or construction phases of a project.

Our designers manage assessments, estimates, design, development, budgets and scheduling, as well as the construction and installation components of the project. With one point of contact, processes are streamlined and budgets and schedules are kept in check. Whether it’s a renovation project or a new facility, we’ve got you covered.

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We have carefully put systems in place to keep projects running smoothly, on-time and within your desired budget. We’re proud to say we’ve never delivered anything less. We’ll manage every contract for you, ensuring you realize maximum contract efficiency in your project. And we’ll control costs, schedule and quality throughout every phase of your project. We’ve honed our project management to efficiently and safely deliver a build of any size or scope.