Architectural Design

Building smart since 2015

Smarter design = smarter construction

The KSM Services has always been about innovation in construction. From our humble roots building for our 1st client in Imadol to becoming nation’s youngest and fastest growing fully integrated Design-Build firms — we’ve always built smart.


Through the years, we’ve worked tirelessly to refine our approach, improve our methods and deliver exceptional results for our clients. As we’ve developed, we’ve always stood at the forefront of design & Construction, adopting latest computer application, tools & methodology.

Now, we employ a complete team of the most knowledgeable, experienced design professionals. Our team’s expertise spans:

  •  Architectural design 
  • Technical detailing 
  • Sustainable building 
  • Interior design 
  • Medical planning and emergency rescue planning 
  • 3D animation/visualization 
  • And more

Together, we account for more than 8 years of combined experience.

Smarter design = Smarter Construction

KSM Services Design takes a holistic approach to the design process. We start with our most powerful tool: our ears. We take the time to listen to our clients and help our clients prioritize strategic architectural design goals within real-world project constraints. We’re dedicated to providing professional design services that fulfill our clients’ needs, adhere to our clients’ budget and schedule parameters and provide buildable solutions that create functional spaces within enriched aesthetic environments. 

With a commitment to excellence, we foster a trustworthy relationship with our clients. Our knowledgeable staff is quality-focused to provide reliable services in a timely manner. We’re thorough. We’re efficient. We’re enthusiastic. And above all, we’re driven by the goal to exceed our clients’ expectations. 

We provide innovative design solutions implemented using state-of-the-art technology throughout all phases of our design services. And we’re still continually refining our process to deliver exceptional designs that lead to on-time, on-budget projects.